davidchristopher.net has been around for several years in various incarnations, attempting topics or categories of conversation that end up being more cumbersome than intended.  Having learned a bit over the years I’ve decided to keep the format simple and focus on addressing items that interest me most.

From early 2012-2013 the primary focus of writing concerned Christian Theology, Philosophy, Apologetics and Pipe Smoking. But early in 2013 I found myself struggling to keep the momentum going while parenting growing kids and maintaining an active family. For these, and other various reasons, I put the site in stasis in July of 2013.

During the spring of 2016 I found myself wanting to reengage in writing and adjust my attention a bit. As the kids have grown, my wife and I have worked hard to build a family identity that will instill virtues and traditions that our children will take with them and hopefully pass on to their children. With that in mind, the topics are expanded from 2016 on to include areas of family life and culture from the perspective of child-rearing with intent.

As for a little bit about myself, I reside in Middle Tennessee with my wife and three daughters.  I’m a part-time student at LBTS and work in the field of data analytics.  I can be reached via the contact form or through one of the social links throughout the site.

Please know that the views and ideas expressed on this site should be understood as my own and are in no way to be construed as the views and ideas of any of the entities that I am associated with be that the church my family attends, business, academic or personal relationships.

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